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The Client Resources below will allow you to:

  • Login to schedule services
  • Register to create an account to request services
  • Get links to the app in the App Store or Google Play
  • Access help documentation, including the client manual, for the scheduling system
  • View quick start videos to walk you through using the system
  • Access your personalized client gallery to view videos in high resolution

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Our scheduling system can be accessed using any web browser with an internet connection. However, the most convenient way to access the system using a mobile device is to use the native Precise Petcare app to login to your See Spot Run Pet Sitting scheduling account.

Use the links below to download the app for your mobile device:

If you’d like to learn more about the services we offer, please visit the Services page.


System Documentation

Client Manual

Once you are logged into the scheduling system, you may click on “Help” or  to access the in-system help documentation from wherever you are in the system. You may also use the Client Manual link to bookmark the manual to refer back to it at any time.

Review the quick start videos provided by Precise Petcare for an overview of how to use the system:

Client Galleries

Access Personalized Client Folders

At See Spot Run Pet Sitting, our highest priority is the pets. Our second highest priority is your peace of mind. So, while the level of care we provide your pets and home is first and foremost, keeping you informed of their well being is also important. Once we make sure that your fur buddy has food, water, exercise, shelter, socialization, and lovin’, we’ll take some pics of our adventures so you can see what they’re up to while you are away on yours or if you just need a break from the drudgery at work.

Find your customer folder below, log in using your gmail credentials, and then access the pictures and videos of your pet. Your files won’t be available to others and you can always come to a centralized location to find the link to your folder.

If you’d like to read about other clients’ experience with us, please check out our customer testimonials.

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SSR Pics

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Siguiente Pack

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